Founded in 2007, iDirect Government, LLC (iDirectGov), a wholly owned subsidiary of VT iDirect, Inc., is a satellite communications vendor offering IP communications technology that enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments.

Specializing in the unique and diverse needs of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian government agencies, iDirectGov is singularly focused on offering the best satellite communications products and services to support U.S. government operations both domestically and abroad.

iDirectGov's portfolio of hubs, satellite routers and network management software is designed to address the growing complexity of deploying and managing global IP networks. We bring innovation, integration and intelligence to satellite-based IP communications that government and military organizations trust. By providing the most bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly secure platform, iDirectGov has rapidly become the technology provider of choice for military and government-driven mission-critical applications.