Transmit Key Line helps keep your satellite router going.

The Lifeline to Power - Transmit Key Line

Isn’t it frustrating beyond measure when your phone battery dies right when you need to make an important call?

Imagine being in the field trying to send critical information back to headquarters and your satellite router dies on you.

Unless, of course, you’re using an iDirect Government 950mp Satellite Router Board or any of our 9-Series products featuring technology that conserves power when it’s not transmitting critical information over the airwaves.

Here’s how it works. Satellite terminals pull a lot of power from the BUC, which in turn makes them run out of power a lot faster. By implementing Transmit Key Line technology, instead of constantly using the BUC for power, Transmit Key Line allows the terminal to conserve power by turning off the BUC PA when it’s not transmitting data. This significantly increases the amount of time the terminal is on line.

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